IMISCOE 2021 will host 2 Keynotes and 3 Semi-Plenaries:

Confirmed Keynote speakers

Jaan Valsiner

Jaan Valsiner
Aalborg University

Prof. Jaan Valsiner is a very experienced migration researcher and cultural psychologist with a consistently developmental axiomatic base to analyse any psychological or social phenomena. He is the founding and current editor (1995) of the Sage journal, Culture & Psychology and has published and edited around 50 books, such as “The guided mind” and has received numerous prices for his outstanding academic work.

Mulki Al-Sharmani
University of Helsinki

Prof. Mulki Al-Sharmani is a trained anthropologist and will share her unique and large experience in the areas of the relationship between Islamic interpretive tradition, modern Muslim family laws, and Muslim gender norms modern diasporas and migrant family life, for which she has received numerous awards.

Confirmed Semi-panelists

Francio Guadeloupe -

Dudziro Nhengu
Africa University

Dudziro Nhengu is a governance, gender, peace, security and conflict resolution scholar-practitioner, currently finalizing her PhD in Leadership, Peace and Governance. She has managed a Gender Peace and Security project for UN Women for five years in Zimbabwe. Dudziro has over 15 years’ experience in peacebuilding and mediation programming and management, project monitoring and evaluation, praxis-oriented research, policy analysis, capacity-building of security sector actors and community women in the area of peacebuilding and mediation. She has worked with disadvantaged groups, community women, traditional leaders, youth groups and market women for personal empowerment, resilience-building and community relations transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Marco Martiniello
University of Liège
Wiebke Sievers
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Prof. Martiniello teaches sociology of migration and ethnic relations. He specializes in migration studies, ethnicity, multiculturalism, racism and citizenship in the EU and in Belgium. His current research focuses on the integration, political participation and mobilization of immigrant minorities through the arts in super-diverse cities.


Prof. Sievers’ research compares migration and culture in Austria and internationally. While her main interest lies in literature, also works on theatre, cultural policies, the financing of culture as well as literary translation and the internationalisation of literature.



Francio Guadeloupe
University of Amsterdam

Social & Cultural Anthropologist by training, Prof. Francio Guadeloupe who is also a senior research fellow at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV-KNAW), combines public anthropology with doing ethnographic research. His research looks at how popular understandings of national belonging, ethnic diversity, cultural heritage, religious identity, and mass media constructions of truth, continue to be impacted by colonial racisms and global capital.

Overview of preliminary conference programme:

Time Activity
8:00-8:45 PhD-Assembly
9:00-10:30 PhD workshops & Meetings for standing committees
10:30-11:45 PhD workshops & Meetings for standing committees
11:45-12:00 Break
12:00-13:50 Opening Ceremony:
Keynote session: Jaan Valsiner "We are all migrants", chaired by Birte Nienaber
14:00-15:30 Sessions round 1
15:30-15:45 Break
15:45-17:15 Sessions round 2
17:15-17:30 Break
17:30-18:00 Speech Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE) Georg Mein
18:00-19:30 Borders, screening of full theatre play followed by Q&A with author Maja Hertoghs and director Cat Smits

Time Activity
8:00-9:30 Sessions round 3 &
side event Documentary “Migration as Art Museum”
9:30-11:00 Sessions round 4
11:00-12:30 Sessions round 5
12:30-14:00 Semi plenary sessions with
Francio Guadeloupe “In Sound we Trust: exploring the role of urban popular culture in forging convivial belonging in the Dutch World”
Dudziro Nhengru "Covid-19 and female migrants: Impacts, risks and the future"
Wiebke Sievers & Marco Martiniello "Studying arts and culture in superdiverse societies: Two complementary approaches"
14:00-14:45 Yoga Session
14:45-16:15 Sessions round 6
16:15-16:30 Break
15:00-16:30 Panel Slot 7
16:30-18:00 Sessions round 7
18:00-19:30 Social Event

Time Activity
8:00-9:30 Sessions round 8
Borders, screening of full theatre play
9:30-9:45 Break
9:45-11:15 Sessions round 9
11:15-12:00 Migration Research Hub special
12:00-13:30 UNIC Event: Superdiversity and Inclusion in Higher Education
Anti-racism working group
13:30-13:45 Break
13:45-15:15 Sessions round 10
15:15-15:30 Break

15:30-17:00 Sessions round 11

17:00-17:15 Rinus Penninx Best Paper Award
17:15-17:45 Maria Ioannis Baganha Dissertation Award
17:45-18:30 Keynote speaker: Mulki Al Sharmani "Islamic Family Law in Migration: Knowledge, Authority, and Agency", chaired
by Elisabeth Boesen
18:30-19:30 Closing Ceremony
Outlook 2022:
IMISCOE annual conference in Oslo
Closing words by Birte Nienaber and Peter Scholten