Offsetting the carbon footprint of the 2021-conference

We will offset the carbon footprint of this year’s annual conference. €5 of your conference fee will go towards planting trees in the rain forests of Costa Rica. While video conferencing does emit less carbon than f2f-conferences, nothing has zero emissions and a digital conference is not automatically green. It is still difficult to calculate exactly how much carbon emissions video conferences create, but there are estimates.

For example:

A one-hour standard-definition video call consumes about 270 MB per person.
The standard-definition video calls would emit 0.6 kg of CO2.

Given that one average tree absorbs about 10kg of CO2 per year, it takes the planting of one tree to offset a standard quality video call with 36 participants (which is appr. the size of an average IMISCOE panel session). (sources:

We will work with a local NGO,, which works with locals in Costa Rica on the reforestation of the La Gamba biological corridor (COBIGA) and which assures that 100% of the donations go into the project.